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About Me! Who Am I?

Hi I’m Linda. I am a Chef, Certified Nutritionist and Kidney Health Coach, and Caregiver to my husband who has stage three CKD. I was a culinary consultant for American Kidney Fund for four years testing and creating recipes, providing cooking demos, webinars, and education materials for their blog.

When we were given my husband’s restriction numbers, we had no freaking clue about foods. He was so terrified to eat that he dropped a pants size in two weeks. Me, being obsessive and desperate to help him, enrolled in culinary school and then went on to learn nutrition.

I began creating luscious kidney friendly recipes and in doing so, I noticed myself repeatedly using the same information and processes over and over. So, I noted them and this lead to the creation of The How to Eat for CKD Method program :-)

I'm excited to share more information about the program with you, and I hope you will give me the honor of guiding you on this journey.

For the love of kidneys,

Linda, your CKD Queen

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